Below are just a few seasonal gardening tips to help you plan ahead for the perfect garden. Brett and the team at Mowing Machine are here to help keep your garden in perfect shape. We will be glad to help with any of these tasks. Call us any time on (Direct 07771 922 281) or (Office 01342 529 365) or use the form on our contact page.


We can help with winter digging with lots of well-rotted manure. It is also a good time to make a rockery or rock-garden. It is too early to plant but the construction can be started. We love these winter jobs. Repairing sheds, putting up fencing, clearing ditches. It is all about looking forward to the coming year.


A good time to dig borders and prepare for planting shrubs and hedges. Tidying up now and preparing the garden for spring will help when things start to get busy. Clearing away the final garden debris from last year and getting everything in the garden ready helps keep us warm.


As the weather begins to warm up March can be one of the busiest months in the garden calendar. Trees and and shrubs can be planted ready for spring to arrive. New lawns can be sown or turf laid.


Now is when we can help improve your lawn. The lawn will need mowing and we can apply a spring feed. We can also work through your flower beds to keep seedlings free from the weeds that will be starting to grow fster than you think.


As the weather warms up the weeds will grow faster. We can hand-weed to ensure your flowers and vegetable seedlings can grow freely. We can also dig out old unwanted plants, trees and shrubs and start hedge cutting. There is also plenty of mowing to do now.


June is when you should really start to enjoy your summer garden. We can keep mowing for you to produce a nice and stripey lawn and keep those hedges in good shape.


At the height of summer there can be plenty to do tidying up the herbaceous borders and watering. We can also help make sure your cuttings and lawn trimmings are properly composted. The dryer weather may slow down the growth of grass but any rain will soon ensure the lawn needs mowing again.


Now is the time you may be away on holiday leaving the garden unattended. We will be glad to carry on with those summer tasks of watering, tidying up, mowing and weeding so that you come home without having to face an overgrown or dried up garden. Instead you come home to a beautiful garden and no tiresome chores to do.


September can still be warm and the weeds will keep on growing. Now is when we should clear those weeds before they set seed for the next year. As some of the plants and vegetables begin to fade it is also time to start tidying the garden. Ponds can be covered with netting to prevent leaves collecting in the water. We can also help cut back dying plants around the margins of the pond. The grass will also keep growing so Mowing Machine can keep on top of that lawn also clearing away the leaves as they start to fall.


If you have a greenhouse October is the time to give it a thorough clean, removing all dead flowers, vegetable matter and leaves and washing everything with a mild disinfectant. The leaves are falling. The garden tidy up begins.


November is the time to tidy the garden for the winter. We can help rake up those leaves and clear away old vegetation. Leaves should be composted separately to make leaf-mold. All other garden waste can be added to the compost heap.


Although December is a time to forget the garden. In mild spells we can help replace broken fencing, check down-pipes into water barrels and all those other garden jobs that if done now will enable your garden to get off to a good start in the coming year.

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